Chuzhou Vocational and Technical College

滁州职业技术学院是滁州市人民政府举办的综合性普通高等职业院校, 是教育部优质专科高等职业院校建设单位、省级示范性高等职业院校、安徽省“地方技能型高水平大学”建设单位。学校占地总面积1140亩,设有10个教学单位,设置高职专业45个。专任教师500余人,在校生12000人。学院秉持“立德树人”的办学宗旨和“修能致用、笃学致远”的校训精神,坚持地方性、技能型、合作式发展路径。培育倡导“和乐”文化理念。学院毕业生就业率始终保持在98%以上。国务院副总理刘延东视察学院,对学院人才培养工作给予了充分肯定,并对学院提出“将来要争取成为全国的示范典型”的要求与期望。

Chuzhou Vocational and Technical College is a comprehensive higher vocational college sponsored by the People's Government of Chuzhou. It is given the title of a member of the MOE program on Pilot Construction of Quality Institutes of Higher Vocational Education, the provincial demonstrative higher vocational college and a member of the provincial program of Anhui on Pilot Construction of High-Level Skills-Based Local Colleges. At present, the college, covering an area of 188 acres in total, has 10 faculties and 45 majors with more than 500 full-time teachers and over 12000 students. In light of the principle of education of virtue and the motto of “delving into skills to practice and diligence in study to go far”, the college has been adhering to the development path of localization, skill-orientation and cooperation to nurture the culture of “harmony in diversity". The graduates employment rate of this college has remained above 98% consecutively over the past years. Impressed by our achievements, Liu Yandong, former Vice Premier of China, visited and spoke highly of this college. She expected that we would work harder and build the college into a national model of its kind in the future.