Partner Locations

As a part of the immersive program, successful applicants will be placed alongside three Chinese vocational colleges as an aspect of the twinned-counterpart learning experience. Here successful applicants will mirror their counterpart and learn alongside each other is all aspects of Vocational Learning to develop a deeper understanding of the Australian/Asia Vocational Education sectors.

Wuhu Institute of Technology

Anhui Zhongao Institute

Chuzhou Vocational and Technical College

Anhui Business and Technology College

Host Province

Anhui (pronounced Arn-Wee) – meaning ‘Peaceful Beauty’is located within the eastern region of the country. Located 417km from Shanghai, Anhui hosts 77 of all 500 Fortune 500 companies that have operations within this province. These include 3M, ABB, Volkswagen (VW), Continental AG and Unilever.

The Anhui province boasts 70 Vocational Colleges that service a population of 70 million people, making this region the perfect place for you to expand your knowledge of Australian-Chinese Vocational relations.

Among Anhui’s notable historical sites are the two ancient villages of Xidi and Hangcun near Huangshan, which collectively were designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000. Among the province’s most popular scenic places in Mount Huang, also near Huangshan and named a World Heritage Site in 1990.

You will have the opportunity to visit Huangshan as a part of the two-day cultural activity that is included within the immersive experience.