What is the primary outcome?

The primary outcome is for Australian Executives to forge life-long links with Chinese counterparts and to understand the cultural norms, expectations and aspirations of the Chinese people.This outcome rarely occurs when "we show up to a trade mission, bounce from one sixty-minute session to another (perhaps related, yet perhaps, not), have a beverage in between, stroll into the city if the weather is nice, and return to work on the Monday"

In what ways will I be immersed?

Participate in an official Chinese colleague-twinning program: Australian participants will be matched with a Work/Study counterpart employed within the Anhui Government Vocational training system.

Undertake face-to-face workshops in Shanghai: focused on the Geo-Political environment with other Australian Vocational Executives.

Live in Luxurious Five star Hotel accommodation whilst in the Anhui province.

Undertake face-to-face workshops in Chinese language and culture.

Undertake face-to-face workshops in Chinese Law, Tax, Ethics, Contracts and Agreements, School to VET pathways, Chinese VET system, and Chinese system of workforce planning.

Studying alongside your Chinese counterpart sharing ideas and discussions comparing system and process and,

Working alongside your Chinese colleague in a structured workplace familiarisation interaction. This will provide Australian vocational decision makers with the unique opportunity to learn alongside their Chinese counterparts and explore commercial strategies and influence the strategic policy settings required to build Asia Pacific capability.

Industry connections through formal business briefing to build knowledge and understanding of the Sino capabilties needed and in particular Anhui province.

Participating in a 1-Day conference facilitating an exchange of ideas by bringing together the cream of Australian expat Educational leaders,Key Stakeholders from Chinese Vocational Education and Captains of Industry.

What other outcomes are to be expected?

– To develop a greater understanding of cultural norms, expectations and aspirations of the Chinese People
– To obtain greater engagement and efficacy in outreach efforts to China
– To Strengthen knowledge of Victorian Education Systems operating in China
– Deepen your knowledge and understanding of Australia’s engagement with Asia with a focus on China
– Develop your understanding of the workforce capabilities needed to engage effectively with Asia ad their importance of embedding these Asia capabilities in vocational education programs.

Strategic Overview

– China is the fastest growing economy in the world, being second only to the United States of America.
– China is Australia’s number 1 trading partner
– China is the biggest market for Australian education services
– Both Australia and China face a rapidly changing world driven by increasing globalisation; people mobility and the economic and strategic rise of the Asia Pacific region
– To harness the opportunity to compete globally, our workforce requires education that equips them with the skills and knowledge to be local and global citizens, ready for the world
– Asia Pacific capabilities, including knowledge of the societies including the ways of doing business and rule of law, as well as the intercultural capability as essential to living and working in a multicultural society and the diverse world of the 21st Century
– As China moves into its next phase of development, its demand will shift from raw materials, to elaborately transformed manufactures, services, and expertise.
– Australia has some potential advantages in the supply of these, but they are not the clear advantages possessed by the resources sector.