Asia Pacific Market Literacy

The emphasis on Asian Pacific literacy for our Vocational education sector is logical considering our geographical proximity and our desire to grow the sector.

The Asian business culture is rich and complex, differing quite dramatically from Western systems of governance.

We aim to open your eyes to both the similarities and differences that can improve their ability to function successfully in transnational education and in particular China.

Greater ‘Asian Pacific literacy” will facilitate greater engagement and efficacy for participants outreach efforts to Asian markets

Participants will deepen their understanding of Australia’s engagement with Asia, identify workforce capabilities needed to engage with the region and most importantly match supply with demand.

Asia Pacific Literacy, means knowledge of the societies including the ways of doing business and rule of law, as well as the intercultural skills needed to thrive in these societies’ as they transform.

Real Learning in “Literacy” is best arrived at via an Immersive education program where participants take an intentional interruption.

Our Vocational Leaders must not be strangers to a continent that will be a key part of their lives.

Rather than being bound by our Australian cultural bias, the Australian vocational leader must be intrinsic, that is belonging naturally, to the Asia Pacific market region.

This program seeks to ‘reduce the friction” in the development of transnational relationships and create cognitive changes, real change, through the collaboration with cross-cultural participants.

Our Cooperative Forums focused on developing Asian Pacific Literacy for Vocational Sector Executives is structured so that participants are immersed for a period and in a way that will produce these outcomes.